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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Looking back, moving forward

When does "too soon" become "the right time" for 9/11 movies?
Universal Pictures clearly thinks it's now, as it prepares for this Friday's release of "United 93," a dramatic interpretation of that fateful journey on that fateful day. Though the film uses the flight that crashed into a Pennsylvania field as its focal point, director Paul Greengrass' film also illuminates the confusion, decisions and fear that unfolded in Federal Aviation Administration command centers and military operations bases on that unforgettable morning.

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Mandy Moore living the American dream

NEW YORK -- Mandy Moore has a confession to make: She is a huge fan of TV's hit reality show American Idol.
"I'm not going to lie. I'm a fan of the show. I watch it every week. I TiVo it. That's how big a fan I am," Moore says.
The pop diva is being a bit sheepish in her admission because she helps filmmaker Paul Weitz skewer American Idol in his biting satire American Dreamz, which opened this weekend.

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People in the news: Nick still loves Jessica

NEW YORK (AP) — Nick Lachey says his divorce from Jessica Simpson is a "nasty situation," but he's not trying to hurt her with his revelations about their split — and, he still loves her.
Lachey's new solo album, "What's Left of Me," is set for release May 9. He sings openly about divorce-driven heartbreak and angst on the title track and in songs such as "I Can't Hate You Anymore."
"It's a nasty situation," Lachey reveals in his MTV special, "Nick Lachey: What's Left of Me," broadcast Saturday afternoon. "It's not fun. ... So, it's not in any way vindictive or an assault on her. In a lot of ways, it's more of an assault on me."

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Sheen kept 300ft away from family

TROUBLED actor Charlie Sheen has been ordered to keep at least 300 feet away from his estranged wife, actress Denise Richards, and their two children.
Richards, 35, who starred in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, said in court papers that Sheen had threatened to kill her.
A judge issued a temporary restraining order requiring Sheen, 40, to stay at least 100 yards from Richards, her home, her car and their two young daughters except during supervised visits, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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'Suri' Cruise puzzles Israelis

SURI, the name chosen by Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their newborn daughter, is raising more than its share of interest in Israel.
It means "get out of here" in the local language, Hebrew.
News of the naming puzzled even those Israelis who thought they had seen it all after pop diva Madonna turned the ancient Jewish mystical tradition Kabbalah into a faith for the famous.
"I really don't know what they were thinking when they chose this name. It's a term that denotes expulsion, like 'Get out of here'," said Gideon Goldenberg, a linguistics professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "It's pretty blunt."

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Gilmore" Creators Letting Their "Girls" Go

Stars Hollow is going to be without a couple of its guiding lights next year.
Gilmore Girls cocreators and executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino announced Thursday that they will be leaving the WB series when its sixth season concludes in May.
Warner Bros. Television lost no time announcing that writer-producer David Rosenthal has been tapped to run the show's seventh season. So, if all goes according to plan and speculation, Rosenthal will be steering the Gilmores' ship from its established perch at the WB into the less certain waters at the CW network, which will combine the WB and UPN's choicest programming, along with whatever new shows roll its way.

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Suri's Birth 'Spiritual,' Cruise Says

Tom Cruise hasn't toned down his enthusiasm at all now that fiancee Katie Holmes has given birth to their daughter.
The birth "was everything that we wanted it to be," the actor, who once hopped up and down on a couch to profess his love for Holmes, said in an interview on ABC's "20/20."
"It was spiritual. It was powerful. It was indescribable," he said in the interview broadcast Friday. "What words can you use? It's still something that I'm processing and keep reliving."

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Leonardo DiCaprio Injured on Movie Set

Leonardo DiCaprio was injured while filming The Blood Diamond in Africa on Friday, the actor’s rep tells PEOPLE. He "sustained a minor leg injury on the set of the film Blood Diamond which is currently filming in Mozambique. He received medical attention, and was back at work today," the rep said in a statement on Saturday.

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"Idol" Race Ends for Ace

by Sarah Hall Apr 20, 2006, 9:15 AM PT
That's all for Ace Young.
The 25-year-old Denver native, who won more accolades for his heartthrob looks than his so-so vocals, was the latest contestant to be eliminated from American Idol Wednesday night.

Fittingly, Young's final song choice was the retro classic "That's All." On Tuesday night, he took the stage in a suit and tie, his trademark flowing locks slicked back in a tight ponytail, and gave a performance that Simon Cowell deemed "charming," if "a little bit nasally."

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Charlie Sheen ordered away from Denise Richards

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actor Charlie Sheen was ordered on Friday to keep at least 300 feet away from his estranged wife, actress Denise Richards, and their two young daughters after Richards said in court papers he had been abusive and had threatened to kill her.
Sheen, star of the hit CBS television series "Two and a Half Men," denied the charge and the judge agreed to his request that all telephone conversations between the couple be tape recorded.

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Silent Hill Movie Review

Silent Hill
Review: Beautiful on the outside, but empty within.
by Jeff Otto

April 21, 2006 - After being a film critic for a few years now, I've started to learn the cardinal signs of a film that hasn't exactly come together the way the studio had hoped. Back in Toronto on the set of Silent Hill last summer, things looked promising. Director Christophe Gans was a big fan of the games, the sets looked very cool, the casting was perfect and Gans himself appeared to fully understand the many, many failings of video game movies past. The teaser trailer earlier this year looked good, the promotional posters and ads looked good. Could it be? Could it finally be? Would there actually be a video game movie that was worth its salt? All of the sudden, Screen Gems pulled the plug, as they have so many times before. The press junkets and interviews were cancelled. Screenings were cancelled. Days before the release at the premiere, critics were turned away. This was a really, really bad sign. I figured it was one of two things. Either the film was downright junk, or just a bit too weird (in some of the same ways as Gans' prior effort, Brotherhood of the Wolf). Still, I liked what I had seen on set, I liked the cast and I thought Gans was an interesting choice, so I tried my best to alleviate preconceived notions and proceed to this day-of-release press screening with an open mind.

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